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Announcing 2nd Annual CiC Day of Service and launch of Fundraising Campaign

If you could describe the importance of education in one word, what would you choose?  Opportunity?  Empowerment?  Survival?  Freedom?  Security?  Equality?  Growth?  NetIP North America launched Charity is Colorblind (CiC) with a focus on education in 2012 because the truth is that education is a powerful vehicle to attain all of the above and much more.  The initiative this year seeks to support charitable causes that raise awareness to the importance of education and helps those in need of a proper education.

Among the many CiC events that have taken place nationwide this year, we are happy to announce the launch of one more large scale event: The second annual Charity is Colorblind (CiC) Day of Service event, THINK Community Impact, taking place Saturday morning of the NetIP NA 21st Annual Conference!  Conference registrants and community members will have the opportunity to join hundreds of volunteers to engage in various community service projects in Chicago to support education.  This year, beneficiaries include Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and NetIP Foundation.

The NetIP/NetSAP community recently held its First Annual Chapter-Wide Day of Service on Saturday, June 9, 2012, where many chapters across North America held a community service event in each chapter city.  The NetIP NA Conference CiC Day of Service will be the finale event to celebrate the culmination of community service hours chapters have contributed to Day of Service.

We are also proud to announce our CiC Day of Service Fundraising campaign: a campaign to raise funds to make this charitable event happen!  Through this campaign, participants can earn a FREE OR DISCOUNTED CONFERENCE TICKET.

Please visit http://chicago2012.netipconference.org/programming/cic for more information on CiC Day of Service beneficiaries, projects, and details on fundraising incentives to earn a FREE OR DISCOUNTED CONFERENCE TICKET.

LINK TO SIGN UP: (click on the Green “Fundraise” button to create your own fundraising page and start fundraising today!):  http://www.firstgiving.com/netipna/netip-conference-CiCdayofservice

Please contact NetIP CiC Day of Service Fundraising Lead, Hima Dasika at hima.dasika@netip.org with any questions.

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NetIP Atlanta – Charity is Colorblind Launch Event!

NeIP Atlanta’s Charity is Colorblind (CiC) initiative “Protect Our Children: Protect our Future” was launched at the April Networking Social at the Artmore Hotel in Midtown, Atlanta. NetIP Atlanta’s CiC initiative is to help raise money for Baal Dan, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children of need in India. 

 Baal Dan works to raise funds in the U.S. and provides grant projects in India to benefit children deprived of basic rights to food, shelter, healthcare, and education.  NetIP Atlanta’s CiC goal is to raise $5,000 for Baal Dan. 

 The event was a huge success as it received a lot of appreciation among the members and raised over $500 for Baal Dan.  NetIP Atlanta raised over $1,500 to date through its on-line fundraising campaign and the NetIP Atlanta CiC Launch Event.  The focus of the event was to educate the attendees on Baal Dan and motivate them to join the cause as well.

 The event was planned in such a way that attendees could learn as well as concurrently enjoy the networking mixer. Several activities were carried out in order to raise awareness about Baal Dan. There were posters, placards, videos that explained what Baal Dan is and what activities are carried out by them.  More than that, raffle tickets were given out throughout the night, and a ticket was picked out two times during the course of the event.

NetIP Atlanta Board members were all dressed in Baal Dan T-shirts to show their commitment to the cause. Several stations were set up to educate interested individuals through a tri-fold information board, one page flyers, and fun facts spread throughout the bar. Fundraising incentives such as, 1) $10 voucher to a future event for setting up a fund-raising page, 2) a free Baal Dan T-shirt   for someone who raised $100, 3) a free Diwali GALA ticket for someone who raised $500 and a free NetIP Atlanta 2013 membership for someone who raised $1,000, were announced to rally attendees to sign up as a fundraiser and support the cause.

Several items such as wine bottles, restaurant gift cards, T-shirts, etc were raffled away.  There were delicious appetizers donated by one of the past sponsors, Bhojanic Indian restaurant, apart from the specials provided by the venue such as drink specials and varieties of cheeses and fruits.  Several members signed up for fundraising pages and 12 T-shirts were sold, which helped raise awareness for the cause.

To learn more about the NetIP Atlanta CiC campaign and sign up as a fundraiser click here:   http://www.firstgiving.com/NetIP-Atlanta







NetIP-NY Charity is Colorblind (CiC) Launch, Empower Through Education, a HUGE success!

NetIP-NY would like to thank everyone who helped make our CiC Launch, where we announced our “Empower Through Education” campaign a HUGE success!

NetIP-NY is excited to partner with UNICEF Schools for Asia program and is striving to raise a $100,000 for Education. Over 50 guests enjoyed a wonderful 3 course lunch at the Michelin star rated Tulsi Restaurant, and helped raise several hundred dollars towards a great cause!

Renita Bakshi, Co-President of NetIP-NY, introduced “Think Change” and “CiC”, while Digant Dave (Co-President of NetIP-NY) talked about the importance of education and giving back. Hima Dasika, Internal Affairs Chair from NetIP North America, spoke about the origins and success of CiC at a local chapter level, its evolvement to a nationwide initiative, and how the contributions of the NetIP-NY community can impact the CiC initiative on both a local, national, and global level.
Ananda Grant from UNICEF, US Foundation was on-hand to present information about UNICEF’s Schools for Asia program, as part of their greater mission to aid the children of the world, and reduce preventable child deaths from 21,000 a day to 0. Sahara ONE was there to cover the event and a special thanks to Surbhi Sahni from Bittersweet NYC for presenting complimentary sweets to all of our attendees.

Please click here for a video summarizing our CiC Launch event.

For more info about NetIP-NY CiC, visit the NetIP CiC Blog.









NetIP Chicago Launchs CiC 2012!

Charity is Colorblind (CiC) 2012 has kicked off to a fantastic start with the city that began it all, NetIP Chicago, hosting the first 2012 CiC Launch event on 3/7/12.  Below is a recap of NetIP Chicago’s launch event.

NetIP-NY’s CiC Launch event is right around the corner on 3/24/12.  Stay tuned for updates on CiC Launch events across chapters!

Empowering Education, Building a Future

Who would have thought laughter would be good for health and education? At our Comedy for Charity launch event, NetIP Chicago unveiled that we will support Chicago Public Schools (CPS), in particular educational programs dedicated to art, music, and after-school programs this year.

As such programs are being cut in Chicago schools and students are now lacking the high-standard education we once received, NetIP Chicago is taking a stand in supporting these programs that will benefit the future generation.

Our goal for this year is to raise over $100K and also involve in service events by tutoring and beautifying schools.

The great crowd took a break from their busy lives for a night and attended the Comedy for Charity event on March 7, 2012 at John Barleycorn – Lincoln Park. The night started with open mic performances, hilarious stand-up routines by Raghu Adibhatla, Prateek Srivastava, Saurin Choksi, and With That Said Comedy troupe.

The energy was palpable and the room was charged! But, it was not a laughing matter when NetIP Chicago unveiled its charity, as it could not have been more eventful. This event drew more than 50 people and raised over $400 for charitable causes. We are evermore passionate, truly grateful for the contributions, and believe the Chicago community will continue to support our great cause.

Special thanks to our comedians who donated their time and enthusiasm.

NetIP Chicago

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NetIP North America Launches Charity is Colorblind 2012

It started with one idea, two hospitals and a group of individuals within NetIP Chicago who sought to make an impact in the Chicago community in 2010.  That very idea unfolded into the largest charitable fundraising campaign in NetIP history, Cancer is Colorblind (CiC), raising over $100,000 in the fight against cancer.  

Due to CiC’s overwhelming success, NetIP North America launched Charity is Colorblind throughout its 23 chapters in 2011.

Charity is Colorblind (CiC) is NetIP North America’s initiative to raise funds for charitable causes worldwide.  The CiC initiative seeks to empower all our chapters for grass roots level fundraising.  This initiative has the power to bring chapters together and create a movement to make a tremendous impact on those in need on both a local and global level.  This year, CiC has an Education focus as education is a vital component that should be available to every human being.

CiC has taken off this year because it is contagious.  It’s contagious because not only is charitable giving an emotional giving, it is also one that keeps on giving back.  That’s exactly why chapters are adopting CiC as part of their focused 2012 initiatives….because chapters want to make an impact in their community.  

This year, many chapters are planning large scale CiC campaigns (many with an education focus), which support a diversity of beneficiaries across the globe including UNICEF, Chicago Public Schools (CPS),  Bal Daan, Teach for America, Nanubhai Education Foundation, and much more.  Due to overwhelming chapter support, our 2012 CiC goal is to raise over $250,000 across all 23 chapters benefiting causes and charities all around the globe.  Many chapters including NetIP NY, NetIP Chicago, NetIP Atlanta, and NetIP SFBA are getting ready for their CiC launch events planned in Q1 and Q2.

Please visit your local chapter’s website to learn more about your chapters specific 2012 CiC campaign initiatives and how you can contribute to the cause!


NetIP Introduces Charity is Colorblind

Charity is Colorblind (CiC) is NetIP North America’s initiative to raise funds for charitable causes world wide. Each year all NetIP chapters, members, friends and family give wholeheartedly to charity. Not only is charitable giving an emotional giving, it is also one that keeps on giving back. Last year NetIP raised over $120,000 for charitable causes such as for cancer research, microfinance, child rights, and education. With your help, this year we hope to increase that substantially.

The CiC initiative seeks to empower all our chapters for grass roots level fundraising. The NetIP family is working hard to make a difference in the lives of many. Join the cause on facebook today, please take the pledge to invite 300 friends to the cause.

If you are a 501(c)3 and would like to be considered as a charity that the NetIP family donates to, please consider filling out an Alliance Partner application located here.